Moussa Koussa denies Libya torture alleged on BBC Panorama


Former Libyan intelligence chief has denied involvement in the torture of political detainees or in the 1996 massacre at the country's notorious Abu Salim prison.

Koussa issued a statement through his lawyers in response to allegations made on Monday's BBC's Panorama programmethat he personally tortured prisoners with an electric rod.

Koussa, who made a high-profile defection to Britain in March as the Gaddafi regime began to crumble, also said he had "no involvement of any kind or knowledge" of the Lockerbie bombing or the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

He accused the programme-makers of making false allegations, adding: "I have never tortured anyone nor been involved in torture. Neither was I present at the massacre at Abu Salim prison."

Koussa left Britain following an EU decision to lift sanctions against him, meaning he no longer faces travel restrictions or an asset freeze.

He was the head of Gaddafi's intelligence agency from 1994 and a senior intelligence agent when Pan Am flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie in 1988, killing 270 people.